My name’s Mary Jane, and I’m an emerging artist and painter. I graduate from the University of Lincoln, England in 2023.

There are several art forms which influence my work. Illumination for caligraphy, and silver smithing are just two, and conceptually I’m interested in quantum consciousness. The collapsing waves of energy which create objective reality. Energy features widely in my art, emphasised with the use of precious metal foils, gems and glass shards which add to a shimmering effect in my paintings.

Although I can work across artistic styles, I identify best with abstract expressionism, using colour to engage with a viewers feelings or emotions. For example, the golden tones with a bright light focus on the shape of a home, are injected into the paintings of ‘My Sisters House’ by Joan Mitchell, creating a sense of emanating spirituality. Cecily Brown and Flora Yukonovich, work in a similar contemporary style.

I will be concentrating on creating art for galleries from this summer as I develop my professional practice, and will be looking for sales support in London and elsewhere. The Universities Enterprise team have been a great help, and as you can see from their video snippet below, I’m one of a few business developers featuring in their ‘poised for success’ video.

So please stay in touch and add your details to my developing mailing list.

Thanks for calling !