My abstract expressionist painting style is based on quantum consciousness, interpreting visually, renown Astro-physics research papers such as the double slit experiment, which show that a conscious viewer can influence waves of energy, just through perception.

This vibrancy of ‘almost being’ before collapsing into objective reality, is captured visually as a painted, shimmering effect, using semi-transparent glazes and dots or photons which combine into a visual sense of swirling and collapsing energy.

First, numerous ideas are explored from a mood board to focus on a specific emotion with inspiring colours or subject, often taken from literature, music, folk tales, or theatre.

Then, once immersed in imagination, spontaneous paint marks made over a textured canvas, create movement, sometimes developing into solid but partially fractured forms. The painting is exploring the innate attraction or connection of objects as ‘potentiality’, an abstraction of reality. This could be the conscious realisation of a dream, or part of ‘another world’ narrative or story held in the mind’s eye. Seemingly independent photons reacting together, are quantum entangled.

Composition guides the eye across the canvas, with emphasis on colour and symbolism, gradually being complemented with the use of crushed glass, gems, and metal foils, which enhance this ‘shimmering’, connecting gilded lines overlapping shapes, which represent transient potentialities.

Mary Jane